let them explore

As a working parent, I know the importance of utilizing my work holidays. This year my sister and I had a long holiday weekend and we promised not to spend it just sitting at home doing the same ole, same ole. We made the decision to rent a house in Siesta Key Beach.

You see not only was this strip the first trip to the beach with the family, but Luna's first beach trip ever. I knew I wanted to document this milestone moment for my sister but the joy it brought me was on another level. Watching Luna sink her toes in the sand and search for her first sea shells was beautiful. I have other photos that I will share here on the blog soon but I couldn't wait to share these first.

Looking at these photos is a gentle reminder to all of us to let our children explore the world around them. Don't forget, you don't need a "big fancy camera" to document the moments that matter to you. Have you had the chance to visit the beach this summer? If so, share where in the comments below!

child at the beach
child playing the sand at the beach
toddlers playing a the beach
child standing on the beach