easy posing ideas

I have always loved working with my sister, De'Ana. She has been giving me posing tips for years to help me elevate the branding photos that I take for my personal blog www.tiffanydbrown.com . We met in Atlanta for our content creation day. this is where we have our list of ideas and shot list and we work to check off every concept. often times, we will work from sun up to sun down.

De'Ana has a passion for helping others gain on-camera confidence through simple and effortless posing ideas and techniques. She has an extensive background in modeling and is also an actress. (You may have seen her on Queen of the South) If you are looking to jump into the influencer game, where you will be taking photos and creating content for brands I highly recommend that you check De'Ana out.

Here are a few photos from our content creation day. What's your favorite go-to pose? Let me know in the comments!

woman squatting with fedora hat
curly haired woman propped against a wall
woman leaning against a wall
curly hair woman walking down sidewalk