Tell your story

With the explosion in popularity of Instagram and short-form videos like Instagram Reels and Tik Tok, we discovered that not only what we say is important, but how and what we show are equally – and often sometimes more important than the words we use. Are you telling your story through photos? In the early days of the internet, the 'wordless Wednesday' trend took over as a way of breaking up blogging content. Bloggers would incorporate photos rather than long walls of text. Later as social media became mainstream, we learned how better to master our content. In order for our content to reach the masses, it needed to be optimized in such a way that it solved a problem for our audience. This means using targeted keywords and writing search-engine-rich content.

If you think you need to up-level your photo-taking game but aren't sure exactly why you should, here are 7 reasons why telling your story through photos is important whether you're just starting out in business or wish to grow your brand.

1. Telling your story through photos shows people what your brand is about

We could talk all day long about how we are and what we do, and yes, some people would listen, but when we incorporate images and show what we're about, everything we do becomes crystal clear. Using photos can take even the most abstruse job description and turn it into something that makes sense to everyone. We may not know precisely what a business coach does every day, but when they show us pictures of their client's wins, we understand the what, how, and why they do what they do every day.

2. Images help you create a personal connection with your audience

When using imagery to tell our stories, we pull the audience into our lives and invite them to stop, look around and see what we're about. This personal connection creates interest and makes us much more personable and approachable – all qualities potential clients look for when trying to determine who they want to work with.

When we pull others into the behind-the-scenes, our vulnerability can often help others relate to us on one level or another. And truly, that is the goal of being on social media in the first place, to connect, engage and help others who may be experiencing similar pain points we've worked through.

3. Photos help illustrate how clients use your products or services

When your audience really understands how you can help them, they begin to see the value in what you do. they can see how your products and services can help them achieve their goals. Telling your story through photos and highlighting the stories of those you've worked with. Using their photos solidifies your credibility and positions you as a subject matter expert. Using photos to show how your product makes your ideal client's life easier is a great way to win their trust. If you provide a service, photos of the lifestyle you help create allow a potential future client the opportunity to see what they too could accomplish if they were to work with you.

branding portrait of black woman holding notebook under nose
branding portrait of black woman sitting in chair smiling with arms and legs crossed
branding portrait of black woman holding a notebook
branding portrait of black woman smiling and standing with notebook and pen


We've all heard it a million times; a picture is worth a thousand words. It still holds true today. As trite as the saying may have become over the years, it's still valid. When you begin telling your story through photos – especially ones that highlight you (specifically your face) – your audience gets to know you as a real person rather than a brand. They also have an easy way to now communicate with you. A photo can evoke memories, emotions, and feelings that simply using words, may not. This allows others to feel connected and then comment or engage with you. It's a great way to reach those who wouldn't normally have otherwise commented. And, when you communicate back – either through private messaging or comments – you've connected on a different level. You can now build upon that to create a potential business relationship.


Words of course do play a part in telling your story. The photos can help back up what you're writing. Using captions for your images on social media can actually seal the deal if a potential client has been on the fence about working with you. The photos may intrigue them. Images are sharable, they're the type of content people engage with. A future client may be ready to contact you and if you've consistently put out content that's resonated with them, they could be thinking about reaching out. If what you write in your caption resonates, you've done your job. This person will reach out to you when their need for your product or service outweighs their want for it; it's just a matter of time.


Whether you've been in business for a long time or you're just starting out, there may be times when you are called on to defend yourself or your brand. They say actions speak louder than words. Photos can also be lasting receipts that allow you to dictate the narrative of your story. By capturing what your brand is truly about on a regular basis, you set yourself up for success. You show that you're a consistent and trustworthy business owner. This way, if there ever comes a time when a third party isn't happy with your service, your track record, and history, all memorialized through images, can serve as the backup you need to show who you and your brand truly are. Photos can illustrate what you stand for and the quality of service you provide.


It's a given that not everyone reads everything on the internet. We're all too busy with family, work, and just trying to get through these difficult times we're in. The same holds true for businesses and other brands – specifically companies you may want to partner with in the future. Marketing reps are just as busy as we and they're human, just like our audience and potential clients. So by telling your story through photos, you are able to reach brands in ways that words cannot. Using photos to showcase yourself and what you offer, positions you as an influencer. It shows you as a leader in your industry in the eyes of brands. You can expand your potential for future partnerships simply by taking out the camera and documenting what makes you unique.

People tend to buy or partake of your services based on emotion. Yes, there are a few people who are impulse buyers. The vast majority of your clients, however, have been watching what you've been up to for a long time. If you wish to expand your business, continue telling your story through photos and you'll soon see growth.